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Hi There, I’m Amy.

I’m a wife and mom of 2 kiddos living in chaos. A very well planned, organized kind of chaos! Life is good, but it wasn’t always so ideal. After almost 2 decades on the hamster wheel, I decided I was DONE. I started on a mission to find control over my life. It took me over 3 years of hard core personal development to get unstuck and live the life I always knew I deserved.

I was mentally exhausted after working full time for years at jobs that didn’t mesh with my spirit. You see, I was born a natural entrepreneur but growing up, I never realized that working for myself was a viable option. I pursued a career in healthcare where graduating and becoming an employee was the norm. After I finished college, for 17 years I reported to work on time, 5 days a week for someone else like the responsible person that I am.

I excelled at pretty much every job I ever had. Some of the jobs were actually very attractive and hard to get – basically the trophy jobs of my profession. Some of my coworkers were amazing people and remain lifelong friends, and to boot, I just so happened to pull in a great paycheck. So I should have been happy, right? But no, I hopped from job to job praying to find the greener grass that I knew was out there somewhere.

You see, when you’re naturally wired to work for yourself, the simple act of going in and doing your job is brutally difficult. The tremendous energy that it takes to stuff down your natural tendencies all day long, put on your blinders, and get the work done is exhausting on a whole new level. I know that if you’re here, you probably get that on some level. As discouraged and burnt out as I was, I never gave up hope that one day I would be the boss of my own life. But, how would I do that? I had given so much to so many for so long, that I couldn’t even remember what exactly I wanted for my life. If somebody asked me, I couldn’t even describe what my life goals would look like. That was until I found the Lifestyle Transformation Framework that taught me how to overcome the obstacles that were blocking me from balance. It also taught me the accelerators that I needed to focus on to get me off of that hamster wheel as fast as possible.

Once finding the Framework, in less than a year, I found the balance that I needed to live on my own terms, not the terms that society was telling me I had to live by. Using the Lifestyle Transformation Framework step by step, I profoundly transformed all of the key areas of my life. I learned to live in positivity and gratitude instead of with resentment. Now that I know how life changing this program can be, I feel an immeasurable obligation to share it with you. You are worth the time, you are worth the effort. You are worth it all and you deserve to reign as the queen or king of your dream life. Find your purpose, find your voice, and Reign Out Loud. 

In health and happiness,

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